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Tomorrow I am going to fly to Turkey with my mom! I am very excited! I will be back next Sunday. 
(and no worries my dear commissioners, I have been working on your commissions and I shall resume doing so after I get home. I have a lot of free time then) ♥
Oh my, I am back from Animuc 2015 (convention in Germany)! It was great! I am totaly exhausted now tho haha. I shall resume Commissions as soon as possible. (Probably on the weeekend)
Thank you for being patient with me ♥


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Okay now I got tagged by 2 people xD (seriosuly why always meeeee??) :P

Soooo here I go!

First I was tagged by hmeyra-ruveyda 

1. What's your favorite video game?
ummmm well I don't play videogames a lot, but my ALL TIME FAVOURITE is "The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time" (Nintendo 64)

2. Who is your favorite video game character?
Still have to go with Link. 

3. What do you prefer? Sweet or saur?
SOUR! (Spicy if possible)

4. What's the most expensive thing that you've bought by your own? *with your own money*
Ugh I guess my moped? (Vespa)

5. Have you got any accidents yet? If yes: any broken bones?
Hahha oh well yeah, but minor ones. No broken bones yet ;) But a lot of contusions. (one of my ribs is kinda pushed in.)

6. Have you ever skipped school?
Hahahahhaha uhh noooooooo? Maybe..? Okay yes. defenitely. more than once

7. Did you ever eat foreign food?
YES *___* All time favourite is Italian food

8. What and how many countries have you been yet?
uhh Germany (haha well only takes me about an hour to get there), Italy, Greece, Croatia, France, England (London), and my mom said I have been to Spain when I was a baby. 

9. Ever bulied somebody/been bullied?
I have been bullied, becaase I was fat/chubby (more overweight than chubby). And I guess when I was in elementary school I was kinda mean to a lot of people, but not as mean to call it bullying. (still not proud of it)

10. Are you happy with your life?
Sometimes I am, sometimes I am not. I don't know :) Most of the time I am but than again there are times where everything is just so fucking crappy.

You happy now? xD


And secondly I was tagged by babeehcakez 

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
6. No tag-backs.
7. You can't say that you don't do tags.
8. You MUST make a journal entry!

10 Facts about myself:

I am 50 % shy and 50 % outgoing. I am kinda shy around people I do not know and unknowledge. If there are douchebags around me, I am not shy at all. Such people are just not worth being shy around. They can go suck balls and they shall know about it as well. Also, if I only know 1 person of a group (and I just get to know everybody else) I am the shy one. But if there's somebody else besides me that's also very shy, I feel obliged to kind of "protect" them, by being the outgoing one and trying to help them feel more comfortable (even if I feel uncomfortable too. The feeling is washed away after I feel like needing to be strong for both of us xD) I dunno how to explain this. It's strange. oops long one

2. It disturbs me when the number of steps of the stairs in a house are not even. I count them a lot. (There are 15 steps from 1st to 2nd floor in my house and it bugs me so much.)

3. I get soooo damn tan in summer (I love it) but I just don't go out into the sun often, so I am pale as a vampire most of the time.

4. When I was a child, I kind of had this starnge feeling of always having ski on my feet, after sking. Like i was sitting in the car and I still had the feeling of being constricted. The feeling was holding on for days. And it came back randomly at times. I felt claustrophobic a lot because of that. 

5. I only have a few real life friends (like I guess 3 people that are really dear to me) I'd love to have more friends to hang out with as a group. (I love to hang out with each of them, but we are not a group xD) Just like my bro and his friends. They hang out and cook together and have fun and talk. or Just sit around doing nothing but enjoy being together. I wish I had that too. 

6. I almost only read english books, tho my native language is German. (English words just make it more colourful I guess. German words limit my span of imagination. I dunno why)

7. I don't like cooking for people, so I don't do it. (I only cook for myself since I don't wanna be exposed to people not liking my taste in food xD) (I like to bake tho)

8. I like listening to nature when walking home. I love when birds tweet and I try to soak up all the details around me. Every bird and leaf and tree and EVERTHING.

9. I would love to travel the world. Alone. I would LOVE to walk through nature. ICELAND.  I am just too afraid of people. Since I am a girl and I dunno what stuff could happen. There are so many disgusting people out there. 

10. I have a few freckles under my left eye and I love them. You are only able to see them when you look closely. They are pretty fair.

And now the questions I've got to answer xD

Where is your most favourite place in this world?  
I don't know. When I still lived with my dad, I had my own balcony. I was always there. No matter how cold or hot it was outside. Even in winter. That was my favourite place ever. I don't know if I have one now. I don't think so.

Have you ever danced in the rain? 
YES! In summer when it's warm and the asphalt's hot and you can smell the rain *__*

Your perfect pizza! Go, go go!
Oh shit wow fuck. I dunno???! I LOVE PIZZA. JUST GIVE ME PIZZA AND I AM HAPPY. (it just has to be spicy. Everything else depends on my mood)

In which century would you like to live for a while?
(I just realized it's century not country that is asked for. I feel sodumb right now) BUT if it's a century, I guess I'd say the 20th century (i know i was born in the 20th century) I'd like to see the 50s and beginning of 60s. ROCK 'N' ROLL TIME. You kno

Your favourite word/sentence at the moment?
Ugh and hng (does this count?) also: IWA-CHAN! and Sousgay. OH AND AMAZEBALLS. and "(insert anything) sucks balls"

What do you love most about yourself? 
There are a lot of things I like about myself xD But it's hard to think about something I LOVE. If it's about appearance, I'd say my ankles and wrists, since they are always the same no mather how much weight I gain xD They look pretty :) If it's about personality I think it would be my will to never not have control of who I am and what I want. Also I can be pretty cheery. (god this is so hard)

Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator? 
Are anime characters allowed?? haha Nah just kidding. I'd choose hmeyra-ruveyda since I am sure we would be talking a lot of shit till everything is over. Time flies by when you are around serisouly xD 

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter? Spring

Is there something you're terribly afraid of? I don't know. I am afraid of a lot of things, bu most of them are just because I have a wanton imagination. 

And last but not least; Are you happy with your name?
YES! When I was young I didn't like my name. My mom said that I always told her "Sophie's not a name an adult woman would have! I wanna be called Anna!" God I don't know why haha xD I really love my name now tho (~‾⌣‾)~



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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
:: Likes ::

- Drawing
- Rainy days
- People that are nice to me
- the smell of wood
- of course Naruto
- Shingeki no Kyojin
- Free! Iwatobi
- ......... ( I've got a lot more! Feel free to ask ;) )

:: Dislikes ::

- People who do not respect my opinion

My second account: :iconkiwiichan: [ I am really innactive on that one though xD]
My Base account: :iconkiwii-pixels-bases:

Current Residence: In Your Closet

If I forgot anyone in my friendslist, or put someone there that doesn't wanna be there, feel free to tell me please xP

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