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:: Likes ::

- Drawing
- Rainy days
- People that are nice to me
- the smell of wood
- of course Naruto
- Shingeki no Kyojin
- Free! Iwatobi
- Kuroko no Basuke
- ......... ( I've got a lot more! Feel free to ask ;) )

:: Dislikes ::

- I actually dislike so much I am not sure it is possible to write all of this here

Current Residence: In Your Closet

If I forgot anyone in my friendslist, or put someone there that doesn't wanna be there, feel free to tell me please xP


I just bought a new Pc (now I don't have to use my crappy laptop anymnore) and guess what? The colours are so freaking bright on my new monitor, that I have to cringe at all my drawings because they are so bright. I am sorry. This seriously hurts my eyes haha


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Oh I was tagged by Fah-renheit

1. JeanMarco (Attack on Titan)
2. ErenJean (Attack on Titan)
3. SasuSoph (Naruto Canon + Naruto Oc)
4. NoriWata (Naruto Ocs)
5. Eruri (Attack on Titan)
6. Makoharu (Free!)
7. Sourin (Free!)
8. Aokaga (Kuroko no Basuke)
9. ReiBert (Attack on Titan)
10. SasuSaku (Naruto)

Oh I am so sorry I do not have much Ocs n stuff I could put here sooooo I used some of the ships I ship. And this is super hard couse I ship almost anything OTL

1 ) Do you remember the episode/scene/chapter that you first started shipping #6? (Makoto x Haruka)
Actually the first time they interacted in the anime. I just.. HOW CAN YOU NOT THEY ARE SO PRECIOUS. Their glances and helping out of pools and bathtubs hng

2 ) Have you ever read fanfiction about #2? (Eren x Jean)
Oh yeah.. like YES

3 ) Has a picture of #4 ever been your screen saver/profile picture/tumblr? (Nori x Wataame)
Noooo not yet (:

4 ) If #7 were to suddenly break-up today, what would your reaction be? (Sousuke x Rin)
"WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. NO. PLEASE NO. DON'T DO THIS OH GOD." *sobbing uncontrollably*

5 ) Why #1 is so important? (Jean x Marco)
Because they are cute as fuck and I think Marco quite got through with his kind nature to Jean. He was a huge influence on how Jean evolved. Even if it was just a few moments Tho it is not my favourite ship :)

6 ) Is #9 a funny ship or serious ship? (Reiner x Berthold)
Ohh this is hard. Since their environment is seriously depressing I'd say serious. They are bosom buddies. They'd die for eachother. I love them. Please don't die

7 ) Out of all of the ships listed, which ship has the most chemistry? 

8 ) Out All of the ship listed, which ship has the strongest bond?

10 ) Which ship has lasted the longest?
I really don't know O:

11 ) How many times, if ever has #6 broken up? (Makoto x Haruka)
I don't think they would have. (There was just that one time where they had that big fight and Haru was in Australia and he came back and I was like "Oh god this is so cute. AND THEM SPARKLY EYES. I KNOW YOU MISSED EACHOTHER. YES GIVE ME THE "WELCOME HOME" "

12 ) If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse, which ship would make it alive? #2 or #8? (Eren x Jean) (Aomine x Kagami)
I actually think they'd both be able to come out alive.

13 ) Did #7 Ever have to hide their relationship for any reason? (Sousuke x Rin)
I think they didn't quite get it themselves at first. Like they started brushing hands and holding hands before they even knew what was going on. Yes. But hiding. nah. 

14 ) Is #4 is still together? (Nori x Wataame)

15 ) Is #10 Canon? (Sasuke x Sakura)

16 ) If all 10 ships were put into a couple’s Hunger Games, which couple would win?
Oh god this is so hard. Probably SasuSaku or Eruri

17 ) Has anybody ever tried to sabotage #5’s ship? (Erwin x Levi)
I don't think anyone would dare to or want to. They are like a married couple

18 ) Which ship would you defend to death and beyond?

19 ) Do you spend hours a day going to #3’s tumblr page? (Sasuke x Sophie)
Hahahah uh no?

20 ) If an evil witch descended from the sky and told you that you had to pick up one of the ten ship to break up forever, or else she’d break them all forever, which ship would you sink?
SasuSoph (since I am not too fond of them anymore. May change it soon anyway xD)

uhhhh I hope this is quite oki xD

I tag hmeyra-ruveyda because you always tag be MWUAHAHHA

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